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Jump on your bike and lose weight the easy way!

What’s not to love about cycling? There’s no greater pleasure than the freedom you get pedalling on the open road and soaking up your surroundings. And let’s not forget that cycling – whether on an indoor bike in the gym or touring the streets – is one of the perfect weight loss exercises to get your fitness kicks. But there’s more! Here are our favourite reasons to hop on the bike today.

  • Keep slim. Want an awesomely fit body? Hit the spin bike! High-intensity spinning classes offer a great head-to-toe toning workout and they’re suitable for everyone – regardless of fitness level.
  • See the world. Whizzing around on two wheels is the perfect workout to take you away from home and out exploring new places. ‘Cycling lets you see the world – whether you want to hit the MTB trails or head out for a ride on the road.
  • Add years to your life. Turn your workout into your commute and not only will you cut back on your spending, you could also lengthen your lifespan. A 20-year study by Copenhagen’s Bispebjerg University Hospital found that women who cycled every day at a vigorous pace lived on average 3.9 years longer than slow cyclists.
  • Improve joint health. The low-impact nature of cycling makes it an accessible sport for those who are at risk of joint injury and also enables them to increase the volume and intensity of their riding at a faster pace.
  • Boost your mood. A brisk bike ride (riding at 85 per cent of your maximum capacity) sends endorphins flying for hours after.
  • Get fast results. If you don’t have time to factor lengthy exercise sessions into your schedule, cycling is the perfect solution. ‘If improving fitness is your goal, research suggests that just two weeks of 22-minute, high-intensity cycling workouts may be as effective at improving measures of cardiovascular fitness as 90-120-minute, moderate-intensity rides,’ James says.
  • Improve heart health. Cycling isn’t only a fabulous weight-loss aid – it’s also good for your heart.
  • Make new friends. Getting on your bike will help you get your social fix while working out.
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