How To Stop from Gaining Weight While At Work?

how to lose weight while at work

This is a very familiar issue to all people working and have been thinking of ways to prevent gaining weight while at work . But actually there are so many ways that we can share with you but for now we will tell you 3 of the best things that you can do.

Bring plenty of vegetable salad and tuna for lunch

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Bringing salad and protein for lunch can save time and money. These foods are low in calories and can help you burn fat because of  fiber content.  We  can mix it with  low calorie vinegar or balsamic vinaigrette.  Pair this healthy meal with water and refrain from soda . We can also bring tuna or salmon and dip it in a cucumber sauce .

Don’t just Facebook and Twitter at Noon.  Move your body

At noon time,we get this habit to open Facebook and Twitter and chat with our friends but this routine can make us gain weight .  Instead , we can take a walk and do jogging if possible . We can also walk up and down the stairs , this type of exercise can really loose lot of calories . We need to remember sitting all day long can lead to obesity and heart disease .

Water is the best medicine for thirst and craving

Working all day can be so stressful and  the best medicine for it is water .  Drinking lot of water can burn fat and relieve stress from our body. It helps us stay full all day long .

These tips are just few things to loose weight and stay in shape .  There are so many ways we can do and all we need to have is the BIG D and D stands for discipline.


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