Inspirational Quotes Weight Loss Tumblr

inspirational quotes weight loss tumblr

Over the years, you have been taught that in order to lose weight and get fit, you must eat less, exercise more and be mentally strong but…

Of all the people who have taken notice of your changes over the last few weeks, how many of them commented on how disciplined you must be? How many said (BRAGGED even), that they could NEVER do what you are doing?

This way of thinking is simply wrong. As a matter of fact, the Misconception of Discipline has only served to increase obesity. Simple, consistent routines requiring little time or thinking create habit. These simple habits are what change your life.

Think of a child learning to walk. They practice several times a day, every day. There is no will power involved, nor is there any discipline. They just consistently practice baby step by baby step until they are walking and then running.

When people tell you that they want to be more disciplined, what they are really saying is that they want to be more consistent. See the difference? The real key to consistency is habits.

Do something small over and over every day…

inspirational quotes weight loss tumblr

inspirational quotes weight loss tumblr

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