How to Make Your First Race the Best Experience EVER

How to Make Your First Race the Best Experience EVER

Competing in a running race? Nervous? Your first race is a lot like your first day of school, your first day at a new job, or your first date with someone new: super-exciting—and super-nerve-wracking. While we can’t guarantee that first date will go well, we can help guarantee that your first race day is incredible.

Here are the tips on how to make your first race the best experience ever:

  • Run With Someone Who’ll Keep You Motivated
  • Find An Event That Emphasizes Fun
  • Read Up On the Course. When you go in feeling prepared, you’ll be able to enjoy it so much more.
  • Stock Up on Z’s. I definitely recommend making sure you get some solid shuteye the week leading up to your race because you likely won’t get much sleep the night before.
  • Recruit Someone to Cheer You On
  • Plan Your Post-Race Feast Ahead of Time. Have a great brunch after your race!
  • Have a Distraction Ready for When You Get Tired. Music really helps me.
  • Race for a Cause. Feeling like a part of such an important and emotional cause made the race such a powerful experience.

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