Amazing Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is amazing for beauty applications! You can use it for everything from healing scars to moisturizing dry knees. Celebrities like Emma Stone count it among their favorite natural ingredients, and you should, too. This list will help you get creative with coconuts.

  • Get rid of puffiness around your eyes. For a fresh, youthful appearance, apply a small amount of coconut around your eyes before you go to sleep.
  • Prevent acne. Coconut oil will moisturize dry skin on your face and it will also tame your acne breakouts.
  • Coconut oil for hair and scalp. The oil will make your hair smooth and silky, prevent dandruff, and also tame frizz. Seriously, you have to try this, the effect is amazing!
  • Make a natural face wash. Mix castor oil and coconut oil with a 1-to-1 ratio for a deep cleansing face wash.
  • Coconut oil for skin. It is a natural way to moisturize skin and it’s perfect for those dry winter months!
  • Replace your shaving cream. Not happy with your shaving cream? Toss it out and replace it with coconut oil. A great way to reduce irritation and bumps caused by the razor.
  • Boost the health of your cuticles. If your nail beds are dry and flaky, you can moisturize them using coconut oil.
  • Prevent and get rid of stretch marks. If you are forming stretch marks, rub coconut oil into your skin to prevent them from getting worse.
  • Use coconut oil in place of lip gloss or chapstick, it works as a moisturizer for dry lips.
  • Clean your mascara brush. You can get rid of all that clumpy buildup just by soaking your brush in coconut oil for 5 minutes.
  • Make your own body butter. Combine coconut oil with shea butter and whip it until the mixture takes on a nice light fluffy consistency. You can optionally add essential oils if you want a scent. This is a fast, easy, and fun recipe!
  • Make a natural face mask. If you like using facial masks to help you clear up your complexion, you can make your own facial mask out of coconut oil and honey.
  • Remove your makeup with coconut oil. Rub coconut oil over your face, and wait for a minute. Then wipe it off along with your makeup.
  • Coconut oil promotes hair growth, relieve coarse hair and make it shine. If you have thinning hair, then this is for you!
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